Automated error handling

Know when, where and why exceptions happen.

Painless integration

Only a few lines of code is required to activate the exception detection. Several .NET libraries like ASP.NET WebApi and WCF are supported out of the box.

Context information

OneTrueError collects relevant context information per default, which helps you understand WHY the error happend. Focus on correcting the issue instead.


We are the cure to "It works on my machine". We present what the non-working users have in common by analyzing and comparing all collected information.

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"I love super useful open source projects like OneTrueError! Just a few lines of code and I've got a much better error handling!"
- Scott Hanselman, Microsoft

Fully automated handling

// sample for ASP.NET MVC
// Optional built in error pages

Manual reporting

    //some business code
catch (Exception ex)
    OneTrue.Report(ex, new { userId = 10 });

The result

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