Quality matters

Increase your revenue by using quality as a competitive advantage.


Discover all errors without delays or information loss

Traditionally errors are not discovered unless your customers contact your support department directly. Customers tend to not report errors if they can get around them, or by switching to a competitor product. The quality of the information in error reports depends on the customer experience. OneTrueError is not depending on bug reports, customers or your support department. We alert you of all new unique errors seconds after they happen.

Quality as a competitive edge

When you application generate errors it can mean higher costs, lower sales, brand damage and poor application reviews in social media. OneTrueError tracks errors in all your applications, in all environments and at all your customers computers. By discovering all errors, your team can work towards a much better quality than your competitors.

Plan using facts

If you have a set of applications or an application which is divided into several processes, how do you know which one to focus on? OneTrueError delivers a set of of key performance indicators which you can use to build more robust applications.

Get answers to questions like: Have the number of errors decreased for every new version? How many customers are affected? How frequent are the errors? Which application has most errors?

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