Client library documentation

Welcome to the OneTrueError client library documentation.

Integration libraries

OneTrueError.client Our reporting library, allows you to manually report exceptions.
OneTrueError.client.aspnet Generic ASP.NET library. Catches all unhandled exceptions and report them. Collects information about the HTTP request, session data etc. Allows you to easily create custom error pages for different HTTP error codes.
OneTrueError.client.mvc5 ASP.NET MVC5 specific library. Does the same as the ASP.NET library, but do also collect specific MVC5 information like route data, ViewBag etc. Also allows you to customize your error pages by just creating them in the correct folder.
OneTrueError.client.wcf Catches unhandled exceptions in the WCF pipeline. Collects WCF specific information like the inbound WCF message that failed to be processed.
OneTrueError.client.log4net Reports all exceptions that you log, including the error message that you wrote.
OneTrueError.client.winforms Reports all unhandled exceptions. Can take screen shots and collect the state of all open forms.