Enterprise edition

No limits, secure information & world class support

On premise installations for enterprises

Keep all information within the organization, handle millions of errors each month

Enterprise ready

Single sign-on and manage your teams by using Active Directory. Keep track of changes using audit logs. Track errors over different test/staging environments.

Out-of-the-box integrations

Let OneTrueError report unique production errors to your local TFS installation. Monitor error performance counters for your own applications in System Center Operations Center (SCOM).

Service-level argeement (SLA)

Custom service-level argeement to fit your organisation's unique requirements. We can also help you configure OneTrueError for high availability (no interruptions at all for the report receiver).

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of customizations are possible?

We can help you streamline your error management process as long as there is API(s) available. We can for instance help you integrate OneTrueError with your incident management system or workflow tools.

What platforms do OneTrueError run on?

We are Microsoft Windows focused. OneTrueError requires .NET Framework 4.5 and Microsoft SQL Server 2012 or newer.

What if I go over my errors limit?

There is no retention rate or error report limits in the enterprise edition. You can set limits yourself to reduce database size, but that's 100% up to you.

What sales taxes are applied?

We are a EU based company. Tax are applied according to current EU VAT rules for EU-based companies.

Who give support?

We, the developers of this service! No middle man or filter. Clear concise dev talk just the way you like it. Enterprise customers get dedicated support contacts and can contact them directly.

More questions?

We would love to help you! You can email info@onetrueerror.com any time. We’re fast, friendly and happy to help. In fact, we love hearing from you - so even if you don't have a specific question, feel free to just say hi!


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